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A reality based on collaboration rather than competition

At School Beyond Limitations we put a huge emphasis on collaboration. We see each individual as a contributor to the learning of themselves, their peers, the entire school community and beyond. We believe that we can step away from a reality that is based on competition – a reality that has been nurtured for decades […]

What does Facilitator ‘sharing’ at SBL really mean?

I have noticed from time to time that traditional school teachers are very good at sharing their beliefs – they often share their philosophy of education with their colleagues. In other words, they share what they believe about assessment or classroom management or homework. Perhaps there is some benefit in discussions of this kind, but […]

Magical Curiosity: Learning through Inquiry

  Our educational approaches at School Beyond Limitations make use of a wide range of educational strategies to inspire our students in our zoom rooms. We often make use of an Inquiry Based Approach to Learning to extend our student’s learning and to foster deeper inspiration in the areas that our students wish to focus […]

Leading Student-led Learning at SBL

Your Education, your choice: SBL makes it possible Leading student-led learning involves our SBL Facilitators and our students themselves fostering an environment where students take an active role in shaping their educational experiences. Some key aspects of leading student-led learning at SBL are as follows:

What is the meaning of Inspirational Teaching

Authentic teaching and teachers – What makes great teachers truly great? When we think of authentic teaching, we might think of a teacher who inspired us previously. Someone who we consider to be our best teachers, someone who inspired us to chase a goal, learn something new or try a different approach for ourselves.


Best Strategies for Successful Examinations.

Personalized Examination – Preparation is Key! At School Beyond Limitations we have the luxury of tailoring our exam timing and not doing them all in a bulk package. Nonetheless, there are still useful ways to improve. Exams are an integral part of academic life, and for many students, they can be a source of stress […]

Becoming an entrepreneur at School Beyond Limitations

School Beyond Limitations stands for entrepreneurial thinking and acting. In all we do, we support students when they are interested in setting up their own business. One of the businesses that has been created out of the space of School Beyond Limitations is called FACEC.

What are Residential Weeks at School Beyond Limitations?

You can probably imagine that meeting in person can be a magical experience? Especially then, when students and facilitators have already built a connection online and can’t wait to deepen the respective relationship. Meeting one another allows us to experience numerous, memorable and never replaceable moments. Students and facilitators fly in from different countries and […]

Authentic Teachers for a Happy Learning-Environment

For all students – be that SBL students or otherwise – they need to be inspired. In my many years of experience in education and in leading schools around the world, I have observed hundreds, maybe thousands, of inspirational teachers. Over the years I have compiled 6 key areas that indicate what an inspirational teacher […]