Interview im Stern
[deutsch] The joy for learning beyond geographical and mental boundaries – School Beyond Limitations
The pedagogic concepts that still predominate today in Germany, Europe and the whole world still see children as empty vessels that have to be filled with notions, behaviours and skills. As a result the child’s creativity, innate curiosity and intuitively cooperative behaviour are massively cut down to a socially accepted average level. School Beyond Limitations  pursues a completely different approach, which is especially beneficial to internationally mobile families.

Interview in der Inside Wirtschaft
[deutsch] Education is one of the key topics in our globalised, digital and continuously changing reality. This is exactly what School Beyond Limitations is doing. ‘After having researched and worked in different education systems and led different international schools, founding a school was always one of my priorities’, says Martina Geromin (DBA). In this interview, the CEO and Co-Founder of School Beyond Limitations gives a detailed insight in the concept of School Beyond Limitations as well as for whom SBL would be the right choice.

Interview im Erfolgsmagazin
[deutsch] The pedagogy of the olden days often puts a lot of pressure on today’s students and forces them to leave their creativity behind.  ‚School Beyond Limitations‘ pursues a new approach: lessons are designed according to each student’s talents, competencies, and interests by overcoming physical boundaries and by helping them see their lives’ experience as an ongoing learning opportunity in and beyond school hours.

[deutsch] Interview with School Beyond Limitations’ Founders Martina und Katharina

[deutsch] Business Talk with Online business women Katharina Ferster and Chantal Perrinjaquet about School Beyond Limitations

[deutsch] Interview with SBL Founder Martina Geromin and Online entrepreneurs Christina and Reinhard Obermair

[deutsch] Interview with school founder Martina Geromin and Online entrepreneur Bettina Bornatico