The Power of Mindful Communication

Communication is one of the key pillars for the creation of strong, trustworthy, open and honest relationships.

First and foremost it requires human beings to be mindful about the impact that each word, each gesture, each thought may have on themselves and their surroundings.

Especially in moments of disagreement – of conflict – it is more important than ever to be aware of the importance of non-violent communication.

In order to train ourselves more about being mindful with our students, with one another and with all members of our community and beyond School Beyond Limitations organised an Inset Day for all co-workers on the topic of non-violent communication.

Relationships require attention because they involve constant communication.

It is therefore important to watch the way we express ourselves, to listen and hear carefully what is being said, and to be aware of everything else that may be happening in the meantime (beyond the surface).

At School Beyond Limitations we are constantly mindful about

  • the quality of interactions,
  • the quality of being with the respective other in the present moment;
  • the importance of co-regulation.

Therefore it is vital to set clear intentions that integrate the respective other in what we are doing!

Asking oneself questions such as

  • Am I right?
  • What is important for the student, for me, for the relationship and for all?…

may help us make conscious choices and may help students become conscious leaders in their communication with others.

Acting and reacting out of the energy that all parties are equally important and valuable puts another emphasis on the quality of communication.

It is not about being right, it is about finding ways of reciprocal understanding that put the notion of respect, appreciation and understanding at the forefront of any communication.

It is our aim to speak with words that inspire, motivate, make students and ourselves aware about what else is possible – beyond limitations.

Would you like your child/ren to be exposed to such an environment that cares so much about respectful, mindful, conscious communication?

If you would like your child to experience such a learning approach, please reach out to us.

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