Live Q & A Webinar: School Beyond Limitations – for free children and families

Martina, one of the founders and a student answering all your questions

25th of August 2019 at 8 o´clock

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In this webinar you will find out:

🌏 Project-based learning – children enjoy learning again because it makes sense in their world;

🌏 Mentoring by qualified professionals so that the children can develop their personality and shape their lives according to universal laws;

🌏Offline Residentials, where children learn a whole week in a classroom every two months and explore the world, so that social contacts are strengthened and they grow up in the world and culture;

🌏 International degrees open all doors, whether for study, apprenticeship or self-employment;

🌏 Free-thinking entrepreneurial thinking, because our world needs more people to act responsibly, courageously and creatively;

🌏 It is important to you that your child goes through a personal development as well as academic development;

🌏 you want to travel a lot with your family and still be able to learn your child in a stable social environment;