4th of July 2019 at 7 o´clock
Live Q & A Webinar: School Beyond Limitations

Martina, one of the founders and a student answering all your questions

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In this webinar you will find out:

🌏 how an innovative  learning environment where learning takes place everywhere can look like;

🌏 how educational continuity can be even if your family is moving from one country to another;

🌏 how your child can develop to her/his best potential;

🌏 how international education looks like;

🌏 how we treat academic, emotional, social and personal development equally;

🌏 how we prepare your child for life by encouraging entrepreneurial thinking;

🌏 more about recognized diplomas;

🌏 how we can support the personal learning path of your child;

🌏 how your child can develop into a critical thinker and self-directed learner;

🌏 what are the benefits of learning in mixed ages and between students from different countries;