What does Facilitator ‘sharing’ at SBL really mean?

I have noticed from time to time that traditional school teachers are very good at sharing their beliefs – they often share their philosophy of education with their colleagues. In other words, they share what they believe about assessment or classroom management or homework. Perhaps there is some benefit in discussions of this kind, but these tend to be limited because beliefs are often entrenched or static – thus they mostly do not lead to any serious change in approach. These types of conversations amongst traditional school teachers are common.

I have also noticed that traditional school teachers are good at sharing preferences with their colleagues. They often discuss what they like or do not like, eg. ‘I do not like using technology’ or ‘I like setting clear boundaries for the students’. ‘I do not like mobile phones in my class’ or ‘I like working with certain types of students’. At times, discussing preferences may sound like disagreement, this does not really motivate or inspire anyone at all.

On other, more positive, occasions, traditional teachers share teaching strategies with colleagues. This can be very helpful when they have developed approaches that are highly effective as these can be implemented by others. However, I have also noticed that traditional teachers are often reluctant to learn from their colleagues. They tend to do things their way, even if their particular way is not necessarily the best way.

The best type of teacher sharing I have ever seen is at School Beyond Limitations. I have seen our Facilitators share their learning with each other. When you see this happening, you understand and realise that at SBL there is an extremely powerful dynamic. At SBL we are proud to share our learning as Facilitators, it confirms that we are confident to say that we used to think ‘this’, but now we think ‘that’. At SBL we share how we have updated our beliefs, strategies, approaches and philosophies from our current reflections, practices and learning.

This makes an enormous difference for our students, as it enables us to exemplify that we are all learners. It shows that our approach is not static, entrenched or unchanging. It shows that we are all helping to create an environment at SBL that is open to greater learning and deeper growth.

At SBL, no Facilitator is an expert. We all share our learning and we understand that there is always room to grow, change, develop and improve. Every SBL Facilitator is humble – we are willing to look at things from a different angle and that we are always willing to change or adapt our approaches in the interest of our students.

Keep learning. Keep sharing. Keep changing.

Are you interested in SBL’s learning approach? If you would like to access more information about School Beyond Limitations or ask any questions, please reach out to us.

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