Work with us

We are constantly looking for highly qualified and experienced teacher-mentors who:

  • share the values of School Beyond Limitations and their learning approach;
  • love to design lesson plans that inspire students and that integrate their students’ ideas by going with the flow of their learning;
  • see themselves as guide on each student’s side;
  • love to work collaboratively;
  • see the value of continuous and ongoing assessment;
  • see themselves as life-long learners and embrace the challenge of working in multi-age groups;
  • love to coach their students individually;
  • want to make the difference in education by putting each individual in the centre of their attention;
  • aim to grow with School Beyond Limitations.

What does School Beyond Limitations offer you?

  • You will undergo regular personal and professional training;
  • SBL’s school culture is based on collaboration, tacit knowledge sharing, trust, and a growth mindset;
  • You will be mentored and coached personally on a fortnightly basis;
  • You will evolve as a professional as well as at a personal level;
  • Your expertise and ideas will be highly valued;
  • You will be considered to be the unique and not replaceable coworker that you are meant to be;
  • You will experience how creativity works;
  • You will get inspired by your coworkers as much as by your students;
  • You will be encouraged to contribute according to your unique talents;
  • You will embark on a highly innovative professional journey;You will be embedded in an environment that promotes team play.

You should bring the following qualifications:

  • Secondary School Teaching Qualification
  • EAL Training
  • English C2 Level

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