Success stories of our students and their families

[english] In this interview Nayeef Khan talks about his experience at School Beyond Limitations, about what distinguishes SBL from other schools, about the main pillars of learning and, last but not least, about the uniqueness of each student’s learning objectives and their impact on the learning as a whole.

[english] In this interview Emi shares her experience about School Beyond Limitations, such as what attracted her to SBL, the pain she experienced in her previous school settings because learning was not meaningful to her. What does she say about School Beyond Limitations? According to Emi, School Beyond Limitations has changed her life – it has opened a whole new gate towards new horizons – a world full of possibilities.

[english] In this interview Chiara talks about her experience at School Beyond Limitations and first and foremost about her difficult times she has gone through and how she dealt with it! Chiara is an inspiring young woman!

[english] Fay, one of School Beyond Limitations’ students talks about her experience at SBL and how she was able to escape the performance pressure of her previous schools that used to kill her creativity and, instead, to open up the space for the joy of learning.

[english] In this interview the student Liv Ferster talks about her experience at School Beyond Limitations

[english] In this interview Malte, an 11 years old student, talks about his experience at School Beyond Limitations.

[english] In this interview Marie talks about her experience at School Beyond Limitations.

[english] In this interview Anna shares her experience and insights as a teacher-mentor at School Beyond Limitations.

[deutsch] Selina und Dietmar tell the story of their son who was not been able to cope with the pressure of the traditional school system anymore. He used to withdraw from his school reality which led to lots of frustration and misunderstandings in their family life as well. In this interview you will learn what happened after the first residential week with School Beyond Limitations.

[deutsch] In this interview Tina and Christian, a couple that faced challenging times due to their separation, will tell you what changed for them when they finally found the best alternative solution for their common child: School Beyond Limitations: the free choice for their son to stay either with mum or dad as he likes it.

[deutsch] In this interview Nathaly tells her own personal story regarding the school experience of her son. It is the story of a mother who is a business woman working in different locations. Up until now this used to be a problem because she had to leave her son back in the location where he attended school. Everything changed when she found out about School Beyond Limitations. Her son will start his journey with School Beyond Limitations in September 2020.

[deutsch] In this interview Ricarda tells you what impact the unconventional approach of School Beyond Limitations has on her daughter. She started to look at the previous struggles by learning to make conscious choices that ignited her to embark on a journey of spiritual, emotional and academic self-discovery.

Do you also aim to write a success story for your child and your family?