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Being a parent in today’s society

School Beyond Limitations is constantly working on the forefront of today’s educational challenges. We understand that it is crucial to work closely as a team considering the complexity of the educational process. Yesterday evening we had another interesting parent evening with School Beyond Limitations’ psychologist, Dr. Giovanna Fungi, on the topic of ‘Being a parent […]

SBL Agreements – Why they are Important

Our aim by having Agreements with our students at SBL is to develop an understanding in our students that, by designing a set of agreements together, the agreements are internally motivated and not ‘school’ or facilitator driven – we want our students to understand that Agreements are each student’s personal responsibility to their community and […]

At SBL practicing sports is a lifestyle

Sport at Online Schools? At SBL it’s a lifestyle Have you ever thought about how to practice sports in an online school? School Beyond Limitations is a holistic school that nourishes the wellbeing of the entire human being. One important part of this wellbeing is also the physical wellbeing. How can we achieve physical wellbeing […]

Important skills students alway need

Although I have written about the essential skills that SBL teaches our students in the past, it is certainly worth re-emphasising these on a regular basis as they are such a core component of what we achieve at SBL with our students. As SBL facilitators, we constantly strive to prepare our students for the ‘real […]

How does it feel like to be heard and understood?

In a recent School Beyond Limitations staff meeting at the start of the academic year, the following question was posed to the team: “What does it feel like to be heard?” Responses came in thick and fast with many facilitators using the words “to be seen”, “to not be judged” or “to be understood”. At […]

Is ChatGPT a Threat – Or Is It Just Another Tool at SBL?

When ChatGPT launched I shared my concern about Artificial Intelligence taking over the beauty of writing in a school environment with several of my colleagues that are involved in Education Management and Leadership around the world. Interestingly, their responses were all the same – they were not concerned that ChatGPT would be a threat to […]

A reality based on collaboration rather than competition

At School Beyond Limitations we put a huge emphasis on collaboration. We see each individual as a contributor to the learning of themselves, their peers, the entire school community and beyond. We believe that we can step away from a reality that is based on competition – a reality that has been nurtured for decades […]

What does Facilitator ‘sharing’ at SBL really mean?

I have noticed from time to time that traditional school teachers are very good at sharing their beliefs – they often share their philosophy of education with their colleagues. In other words, they share what they believe about assessment or classroom management or homework. Perhaps there is some benefit in discussions of this kind, but […]

Magical Curiosity: Learning through Inquiry

  Our educational approaches at School Beyond Limitations make use of a wide range of educational strategies to inspire our students in our zoom rooms. We often make use of an Inquiry Based Approach to Learning to extend our student’s learning and to foster deeper inspiration in the areas that our students wish to focus […]