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The School Beyond Limitations Maths Continuum

Can Maths be cool? Yes, it can! At SBL Have you been a maths lover at school? When I was at school, I learnt Maths predominantly from a textbook. I learnt many methods and procedures in order to simply get the answers right. Whenever I was asked to apply that knowledge in a different context, […]

The Power of Mindful Communication

Communication is one of the key pillars for the creation of strong, trustworthy, open and honest relationships. First and foremost it requires human beings to be mindful about the impact that each word, each gesture, each thought may have on themselves and their surroundings. Especially in moments of disagreement – of conflict – it is […]

How to build resilience for a successful future

Why is it so important to us that our students develop resilience? At School Beyond Limitations, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child. At the same time we stress the importance of approaching life with resilience, determination, discipline, and the introduction of specific daily habits. Why are we doing this?

Transformative education with presentation-based learning

  When our students present a lesson, they actively engage in learning and grow their research, organisational, and speaking skills.The School Beyond Limitation approach of following the interests of our students and guiding them to teach others about this through reflection and presentation, fosters a sense of purpose in our young people, it pushes them […]

Lifelong Learning for a Happy and Limitless Future

In 2015 I was about to finish my second doctoral degree. This happened at the age of 52. My last days of research, lectures and studying at the university were still in front of me. I remember, that being a student again was fascinating and intimidating at the same time. It gave me a perspective of […]

Global Projects at School Beyond Limitations

School Beyond Limitations aims to act globally as there is the understanding that we all make the difference: locally and globally. Each action, each thought, each reaction have an impact on the outer world. This learning approach leads towards the notion that we are all interconnected and that we are all invited to make conscious […]

Connection is our superpower at School Beyond Limitations

It is human instinct to want to belong. Historically, humans have worked as a social tribe predominantly for physical protection and mutual benefit. In today’s world, it is relevant to say that connection is also a form of emotional protection. Connection can form a shield against isolation, loneliness and mental ill-health. Humans need each other […]