Becoming an entrepreneur at School Beyond Limitations

School Beyond Limitations stands for entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

In all we do, we support students when they are interested in setting up their own business.

One of the businesses that has been created out of the space of School Beyond Limitations is called FACEC.

Read yourself what the students who stand behind this company have to say:

‘Are you also tired of all these clothes that are produced with pain and suffering of other people? WE ARE! So we decided to take action and created FACEC which stands for FashionableClothingEncourageChange.

It is our mission to create premium clothes that are made with LOVE. We … want our customers to feel the energy, the love, the passion and the spiritual part of our clothing.’

If you would like to order their t-shirt (it is a valuable birthday, thanksgiving or Christmas gift) then order here:

School Beyond Limitations helps students bring their ideas into life. In order for that to happen we coach and mentor our students beyond school hours and show them that creating a business is a choice.

It requires

a mission;

and many more skills that allow students to become and be contributing members of their community and beyond.

If you would like your child/ren to join School Beyond Limitations you may want to get in touch with us now:

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