What are Residential Weeks at School Beyond Limitations?

You can probably imagine that meeting in person can be a magical experience? Especially then, when students and facilitators have already built a connection online and can’t wait to deepen the respective relationship. Meeting one another allows us to experience numerous, memorable and never replaceable moments.

Students and facilitators fly in from different countries and different continents and make the magic happen.

The magic of School Beyond Limitations’ Residential Weeks

SBL’s residential weeks provide an opportunity to come together and strengthen the established online bonds. Through shared learning experiences of all kinds, meaningful activities that are based on the notion of ‘We are Community’ and ‘Togetherness’, all participants develop a sense of belonging and friendship. This can have a lasting impact on their overall school experience and their future lives as a whole.

Spending extended time together allows us all to get to know one another on a deeper level. We always engage in meaningful conversations, share personal stories, and develop a sense of empathy and understanding towards one another. Sometimes we need to deal with complex situations, but we always come from a place of caring and reciprocal appreciation. Such connections can lead to lifelong friendships and a support network within the school community and beyond.

Our residential weeks always involve collaborative projects, workshops, and activities. In this week’s residential location our focus is on outdoor activities and history. Students have the opportunity to learn in groups by leveraging each other’s strengths and skills and by understanding that we all make progress according to how well we work together. This collaborative learning environment fosters creativity, critical thinking, reciprocal respect and problem-solving abilities.

Our residential weeks often turn out to be transformative for students in terms of personal growth and self-discovery. They may learn from their actions, from their mistakes, from their own reflection, from discussions, from the feedback they receive from others and from realising that everything is geared towards helping them make conscious decisions. These experiences can help to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, build confidence, and develop resilience.

The variety of experiential learning opportunities of our residential weeks outside of the online classroom setting allows students to engage in hands-on experiences which provide them with practical skills and broaden their perspectives and this nurtures a sense of curiosity and exploration.

At School Beyond Limitations we always incorporate activities that promote our spiritual growth and our students’ wellbeing. As such we give space to yoga or meditation sessions, mindfulness practices, journaling, nature walks, or other wellness-focused activities.

And having fun and enjoying one another’s company is just embedded in the DNA of all residential weeks of SBL. We aim to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere: Moments of laughter, joy, and relaxation shall make our students and facilitators feel that we are community and that we lift our spirits collectively.

School Beyond Limitations’ residential weeks are a MUST: they bring our hearts to sing, they create a magical and lasting atmosphere that students and facilitators take with them for a life time.

This is School Beyond Limitations.

We think we create special and magical moments – during residential weeks and beyond – and we invite YOU to join us if YOU think that this would also be the right place for your daughter or your son.

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