Being a parent in today’s society

School Beyond Limitations is constantly working on the forefront of today’s educational challenges. We understand that it is crucial to work closely as a team considering the complexity of the educational process.

Yesterday evening we had another interesting parent evening with School Beyond Limitations’ psychologist, Dr. Giovanna Fungi, on the topic of ‘Being a parent in today’s challenging society’.

According to Dr. Fungi it makes sense to recognise that being a parent in today’s society may make us feel overwhelmed at times. However, parents may use some key mantras that help to build relationships based on trust, connection, and the willingness of putting oneself in the other person’s perspective. It is about making time by being present, connecting, and prioritising the relationship over any other kind of ‘busyness’.

Children need their parents because they develop into independent beings if they feel safe and secure in the first place. This ‘secure attachment’ gives them orientation and direction. If, however, the parent is not available, the teenager substitutes the parent with their peers.

A young person needs to be seen, understood, and needs to feel the connection with the respective other. Especially in moments of distress, the young person needs the attention of their parents and any adult involved in the educational process. When the teenager realises that they are seen beyond their behaviour they start to open up. When we show them that we enjoy staying with them they start to connect, to open up, to build confidence. Being together allows them to experience that they are not alone, that they matter.

Overall, being a parent in today’s society requires the willingness to make time, to be present, to learn and grow alongside young people.

At School Beyond Limitations we make time for our students, we enjoy connecting with them, guiding them through their moments of joy and distress, supporting them in moments of need, spending time with them, having fun with them as well as reminding them that they can count on us in any situation.

As such we aim to be strong partners of our students’ parents.

If we all give our young people a safe haven they will be able to bring their beautiful essence into today’s complex world.

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