Why do students feel a sense of fulfilment at School Beyond Limitations?

We regularly speak to our students and ask them for their valuable feedback. Often they mention that choosing School Beyond Limitations was the best decision they could have made in their lives.

Why is that?

According to them they feel seen as a human being, they start to realise that school is a place that takes care of each of them and of their inner essence. Indeed, the blueprint of School Beyond Limitations reads as follows: ‘In all we do, we believe in the power of education by bringing the unique essence of each student into life.’

By doing so, students start to feel a sense of fulfilment, a sense of satisfaction, purpose, and well-being in their educational journey.

This sense of fulfilment is based on a number of important factors that SBL’s facilitators cater for:

  1. Meaningful learning experiences:
    SBL’s students’ learning is based on meaningful learning experiences, whether this is online or offline. This involves engaging topics that are relevant to each student (rather than a set curriculum) and take the students’ interests, preferences, ideas into account. It involves inquiry-based learning opportunities, hands-on activities, real-world connections, and opportunities to apply knowledge in practical ways. When students see the value and relevance of what they are learning, it enhances their sense of fulfillment.
  2. Academic success and progress:
    At School Beyond Limitations we acknowledge the fact that students want to make progress. Therefore it is important for them to set and achieve their personal goals, to master new skills that are key in today’s ever-changing environment, to receive encouraging, constructive and positive feedback, and to experience a sense of growth and improvement at any time and in all areas of their lives.
  3. Supportive relationships:
    As mentioned in a number of our articles in the past, at School Beyond Limitations we truly emphasise positive and appreciative relationships between students, facilitators, peers, parents and their personal mentor alike. This has a profound impact on each student’s sense of fulfilment. When students feel supported, respected, and valued, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated. This leads to healthy social interactions and shows students that a collaborative spirit takes them beyond limitations and furthermore, equips them with a sense of fulfilment and purpose. We know that living one’s purpose is the most important criteria for a person’s wellbeing.
  4. Personal development and growth:
    At School Beyond Limitations we are aware that academic growth depends strongly on the level of personal, social and emotional growth as well. We encourage our students – as mentioned above – to pursue their respective interests and passions by helping them develop a sense of purpose, and by exploring new areas of knowledge. We always encourage them to reflect on their own blueprint, their strengths, their talents, their values, and their aspirations. This allows each student eventually to see and acknowledge who they are and what their purpose is.
  5. Balance and well-being:
    By embedding the holistic approach in everyday’s lessons and after school activities our students realise how important a healthy balance between academics, extracurricular activities, and personal well-being is. They are guided and supported to take care of themselves, to manage stress, to engage in additional activities beyond school hours and to enjoy their academic journey as well.
  6. Autonomy and ownership:
    School Beyond Limitations puts a huge emphasis on showing students that they are the creators of their own lives, that they can establish habits that will take them forward, that they can always make conscious choices and go the extra mile. Indeed, going the extra mile shows our students that they will gain their motivation back, that what they do matters, that their contribution counts and makes the difference. We give students a choice (it is not all set in stone – the learning evolves organically). We invite students to voice their perspectives (by acknowledging that each perspective needs to be seen from a non-judgemental perspective). We encourage them to set their own goals, to take ownership of their education and to ‘use’ their school setting to their best. This shows them that they have ownership over their learning experience and as such they feel empowered and furthermore, it fosters a sense of fulfilment. When students feel they can decide, they become more engaged and motivated.

So, when we hear comments such as ‘Choosing to attend School Beyond Limitations was one of the best decisions I have ever made’ then we realise that our blueprint is not just a written phrase on a piece of paper.

It is truly put into practice.

Students see that their uniqueness is seen and appreciated and that allows them to grow a sense of fulfilment that is the foundation for their Now as well as for their future life.

This is School Beyond Limitations.

We feel honoured and delighted to guide each of our students towards the exploration of their unique essence.

Are you interested in SBL’s learning approach? If you would like to access more information about School Beyond Limitations or ask any questions, please reach out to us.

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