How to grow entrepreneurial skills at school?

Standardised schooling does not take the importance of teaching entrepreneurship into account. It is all about memorizing facts in the respective subject areas – so that students get ready to undertake tests. Tests that shall prepare them for their final examinations, hence, that allow them to enter either vocational jobs or a potential academic career, rather than become an entrepreneur and focus on their own interests. 

School Beyond Limitations goes into a different direction. We believe that each student gets inspired by their own interests.

Each student brings along her/his own unique blueprint that can best be shared with the outer world if the student is empowered to believe in her/his dreams, if they learn how to think out of the box, if they understand that they are their own agile leaders of their lives, that they can make conscious choices that allow them to bring innovation into reality. We really focus on entrepreneurial skills at School Beyond Limitations. 

What does this look like? How do they become an entrepreneur?

Students learn that they count, that their ideas are taken seriously, that they can seek advice and collaboration at any time, that they can act out of a space of limitless opportunities to bring their unique ideas alive. They also learn to view everything out of a perspective of abundance, to see that there is no need to wait until they will be finished with their studies. On the contrary, they are encouraged to generate their own money if they are ready for it. They learn to ask questions that allow them to create anything – whether this is a business idea or the desire to perform art or to become a writer at whatever age level they may be.

The only main aspect here is to embrace reality from a space of limitless opportunities by then undertaking one step at the time with the aim to bring their idea into fruition and become an entrepreneur. It is about creating a learning culture that opens the space for creativity to come into play.

What are the key elements for such an environment?

  1. An environment that treasures the potential of each student. Out of that perspective students learn to embrace their uniqueness and how to express their uniqueness to the best – for the benefit of themselves and their surroundings.
  2. A strong belief in neuroplasticity: In an environment that bases its learning approach on the fact that the human brain is flexible and as such it can be rewired at any time, students develop habits that help them pursue their goals and their big dreams as they understand that their brain can work in their favour.
  3. A clear understanding that each human being is more than what can be seen. Everyone is seen as a highly spiritual being whose power goes beyond the apparent reality. By establishing a sound awareness of trust and inner knowing students are able to connect with their inner essence that goes beyond any mental structure, that connects them with their inner knowing – the so called absolute or tacit knowledge that is embedded in each and everyone. This intuitive mind helps the student pursue untraveled roads that lead beyond limitations.
  4. Clarity on the power of collaboration. Once a student experiences how much faster and more efficient s/he can achieve their goals when working in collaboration with others they develop both the power of their unique contribution in collaboration with a team of like-minded people who can accelerate the process of each new creation.

As a result students start to perceive themselves as the creators of their lives, as the agile and conscious leaders of their life choices. As such they develop habits that sustain them in their pursuit of individual and collaborative success by keeping their focus sharp – with a positive outlook on their entrepreneurial creations. And yes, school is an important terrain that can enable a student to become his/her own entrepreneur. At School Beyond Limitations this is part of the school’s blueprint. 



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  1. Jason Hood
    Jason Hood says:

    Amazing! I completely agree that developing entrepreneurial skills should start at a young age. Schools play a crucial role in shaping the future of students and helping them grow into well-rounded individuals. By teaching students the importance of critical thinking, problem solving, and risk taking, schools can set them on the path to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

  2. Monika Grover
    Monika Grover says:

    This is a fantastic blog post, providing valuable insights on how to grow entrepreneurial skills at school. It’s great to see that young individuals are being encouraged to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations at an early age. Implementing practical activities and real-life scenarios can make all the difference in providing hands-on experience and developing a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Thank you for sharing this informative blog post, I will definitely be implementing this with my students.


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