A swift start for your child – trial period at SBL

Choosing School Beyond Limitations is not an easy decision for everyone.

Perhaps, your child finds it difficult to imagine how effective online learning may be? Or your child can’t imagine to ‘leave’ her/his friends ‘behind’? Indeed, it is a big change.

Perhaps you as a parent still have some doubts? Will it be the right decision for my child? And what if, eventually, my child will not like it and does not fit in?

We do actually know that the majority of our students love their new learning environment and that they start to engage in their lessons enthusiastically.

But, for the above reasons, we have decided to offer a trial month to potential new students.

That will allow your child to experience the learning environment with peers and teacher-mentors on a daily basis..

If, thereafter, you should come to the conclusion that SBL is the right choice for your child the costs of the trial month will be deducted from the annual school fees.

In order to get to know you and your child better we kindly ask you to fill in the application form.

Yes, I’d like to enrol my child for the trial month!