Global Projects at School Beyond Limitations

School Beyond Limitations aims to act globally as there is the understanding that we all make the difference: locally and globally.

Each action, each thought, each reaction have an impact on the outer world.

This learning approach leads towards the notion that we are all interconnected and that we are all invited to make conscious decisions that support the creation of a reality based on respect, appreciation, and trust.

When you then see

  • an eight year old student take massive action by supporting a school project in Kenia
  • a group of students led by one of our facilitators, Susie Turnbull, start a project with a learning environment in Ghana where School Beyond Limitations’ students lead lessons from a holistic point of view

then we realise that these actions start to shape our students’ reality as much as the reality of others.

This is the spirit of School Beyond Limitations.

If you would like to support Hannes’s project please do not hesitate to watch his video below that will give you a clear insight of what he is doing (with kind permission)!

Hannes has started at School Beyond Limitations 8 weeks ago as a beginner and is now self-confident enough to speak publicly about this project that means so much to him, to his parents and to us at School Beyond Limitations!

A big shout-out goes to Hannes, all our students, our facilitators, and our parents for actively being involved in such important projects.

School Beyond Limitations goes beyond limitations in all we do.

If you also wish for your child to have a holistic, international school education where every child is seen and encouraged in their uniqueness, and if you’d love your child to be prepared for a meaningful and fulfilled future please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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