Student’s journey from SBL to the University of Oxford

Today I’d like to share with you the inspiring learning journey of our first graduate at School Beyond Limitations.

About 3 years ago one of our students – at the time nearly 16 – dreamed of studying at the University of Oxford.

In September 2019 I traveled with Fay to Oxford in order to find out whether the environment was, indeed, appealing to her.

While we were exploring the department, talking to the admission officer and discovering the city it was immediately clear that this was THE PLACE to be.

Everything that followed thereafter was geared towards getting ready for an application at the University of Oxford.

So, a few intense years of preparing for IGCSEs and A-levels were ahead of all involved parties.

Everyone at School Beyond Limitations supported Fay and she took the challenge on board.

She took her studies seriously, responded to the demanding programme that she covered in a short time and applied.

The first application was not successful.

We knew that more should be done.

The second application went through straight away: an unconditional offer. Hurray!

Due to Brexit also the immigration process was not a straight-forward process.

We took also this challenge on board and supported the student all way through.

Now, the studies have started.

Fay is happy and fully immersed in a special life journey.

Another student has decided to go and live there as the environment feels so extremely appealing.

What are the learnings?

Inspiration starts from there: it comes from within and from an environment that resonates with one’s soul, mission, and values.

Giving up is not an option if there is the determination to go all in for your dream!

School Beyond Limitations is THE place that allows students to connect with their unique essence and helps them undertake one step after the other in order to bring that essence into life.

One’s heart starts to sing when you then receive a postcard that transpires the love for learning that never ends.

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