What is the meaning of Inspirational Teaching

Authentic teaching and teachers – What makes great teachers truly great?

When we think of authentic teaching, we might think of a teacher who inspired us previously. Someone who we consider to be our best teachers, someone who inspired us to chase a goal, learn something new or try a different approach for ourselves. For me, it was Mrs. Morrison, god rest her soul. She was a truly inspirational science teacher who was nearing the end of her career as a high school science teacher in Australia when I was lucky enough to be in her classroom. She inspired me to go after my dreams of studying science and I have been reflecting recently on why she was quite so inspirational. She wasn’t particularly good at classroom management, she didn’t have a large physical presence or demand attention, but she was patient, kind and really cared about the science she was teaching.

What made Mrs. Morrison so incredibly inspiring that I became a teacher in the end was her willingness to be herself. To be who she was and share that personality with her students and also her colleagues. It was a wondrous thing and miraculous thing and yet, so easily overlooked in the schema of what makes great teachers truly great.

I still remember her giving me time in the school library to go and do a personal project on black holes despite the requirements of the syllabus because she could see it inspired me. I remember and chuckle, thinking about pure sodium being thrown into a bucket at the front of class and Mrs. Morrison sprinting to the back of the room before the ear splitting pop and splashed the front row of students in the room and we all laughed.

As I learn to be a better teacher and have more techniques, skills and abilities, I have learned to be myself in the classroom. This has been quite a boon. It has led to deeper relationships with students, their trust in me and that I am honest with them is greater and I enjoy the job more. Sharing stories with students about my personal life – within reason – provides them insight into adult life and gives them more opportunity to connect with me.

Here at School Beyond Limitations, many of our facilitators bring their own authentic experiences and energy to their classrooms everyday and it leads to enhancing the learning experience for both facilitators and students. Our integrity to share all the information we can and support our students to the maximum extent we are able, gives our classes a particular joy that traditional education does not typically have. We even help students bring their own authentic selves to class, it is not always easy and it can take quite a bit of work, but it is always worth it.

Some of the massive benefits our students can enjoy when they have authentic facilitators include, but not limited to lower stress levels, increased relatability, facilitators being role models for not hiding who you are but embracing it in all aspects of your life. One of the main pillars of School Beyond Limitations is our belief in each and every student we have, but another one that we do not mention as often is the belief in ourselves and our abilities to support students through genuine personal interactions brings our school offering to a whole new level.

If you also wish for your child to have a holistic, international school education where every child is seen and encouraged in their uniqueness, and if you’d love your child to be prepared for a meaningful and fulfilled future, please reach out to us.

Here, you may access more information about School Beyond Limitations and also our Experiential Learning Journey and ask us any question you may have.

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